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Telephone Consumer Protection Act

The Provisions Available in Telephone Consumer Protection

telephone consumer protection actThe telephone consumer protection act is a law that was passed in the year of 1991 by US congress and it was signed by the President of that time, George H W Bush. This act is signed into a law called the public law 102-243. This particular act had the capability for amending another act that is named the communication act that was passed in the year of 1934. The Telephone Consumer Protection act is commonly called the TCPA and the code for it is 47USC 227. The Telephone Consumer Protection act is capable of restricting telemarketing and usage of the equipment for automating telephoning.

This act limits the usage of the fax machines, SMS text messages, artificial or pre-recorded voice messages and automated dialing systems. This act also specifies certain technical requirements for the various communication devices that include the voice messaging systems, autodialers, fax machines etc. The major feature that is associated with the devices is that they should have the various details that could reveal the identity of the person who is making use of these devices for communicating with the individuals. There are many different provisions associated with this act.

Time Restriction for Calling

According to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, the solicitors should not call the individuals before 8 am and after 9 pm. This time restriction can help the individuals in getting rid of the various disturbances and difficulties that they encounter due to the calls from the various businesses.

Do Not Call List

According to the telephone consumer protection act, solicitors are required to maintain a list of do not call consumers for a specific company. This helps them to stop calling to those consumers who have made a do not call request. The do not call request made by a costumer should be honored for more than 5 years. This helps the customers in getting rid of any troubles that they get from the various consumers. The national do not call registry should be honored by the solicitors and they should not make calls to those customers who are involved in this particular list. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act assures you don’t receive calls from unauthorized sources.

The Revelation of Identity

The solicitor who makes calls should provide the customers with the details of his identity and the company to whom he belongs to. It is the right of the customers to know the source of a call. The solicitors should not call to such residences if they are making use of recording or artificial voice.

Prohibition to Make Calls to Certain Criteria

The automated calls or the calls that convey automated messages or pre-recorded messages should not be made by the solicitors to the cellular telephone, emergency numbers, to the hospital emergency number, the hospital, the physician’s office and to any other service where the receipt is charged for the calls. Auto dialed calls or Robocalls that can engage two or more lines at a time are not allowed. The unsolicited advertising faxes are also prohibited as per this act.


If the solicitors violate the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, they need to pay up to $1500 as fine for every violation that they make and are responsible for the payment of compensation for any kind of money loss due to their violation.

The Help of Telephone Consumer Protection Act in Preventing the Harassment of Customers

Bad debts can make the lives of an individual a total hell. Bad debt can take the whole wealth and the assets of an individual and even take away his job. In such a condition the best option is to have a monetarily maxed customer for laying the blame over the late charges, the charges of over limit and also on the highest rate of interest associated with the debt. The society is really a worst as it can make an individual a total credit slave if he undergoes through the various situations like employment loss, emergency medical situation or educational loan. It is high time for combating against such a situation.

The government of USA, after going through the situation of the citizens understood the trouble faced by the debtors. This makes them conclude that the customers have greater role in determining and also in maintaining credit score along with the debt that is outstanding with the aim of getting as well as using the credit. As a solution to the problem, the customers who have gone through the problems related with the debts should find out help from the organization that can refurbish the amount of debt. This organization can help the individuals in improving the outstanding debt of the customers and also their credit score.

The customers who secure the legislation require the debt bureaus in corroborating dubious records of finance within a particular time period. Once a notice is provided from the part of the customer through the court, the particular debt provider should stop all the actions related with the collection of the debt until the verification of the credit is done by them. Most of the researches have revealed the fact that about 79 percentage of the debt records that are associated with the debt providers have much amount of inaccuracy and also miscalculations. It is noted that the number of cases against the debt bureaus and the information furnishers are increasing substantially under the decrees of Telephone Consumer Protection Act, FCRA and FDCPA. Those companies or individuals who are violating these decrees need to pay a substantial amount as fine that may range from 300 to 1000 dollars. In certain cases, the fine can be greater than 1000 dollars if the act of violation has caused any kind of monetary loss to the customers.

The process of making improvement in debt is something larger than filing disputes as well as sending emails. This process begins with earning income more than expenditure and also including proper budgeting to be done so that the payment of the bills can be done on date. The proper usage as well as growth of job line is another important factor that is associated with the debt improvement.

When the individuals are dealing the credit provider, the creditors need to be held as per the principles that are outlined for ensuring the safety of the customers especially through FCRA. FDCPA can be made used while handling collection agents. The Telephone consumer protection act needs to be followed by the collection industry and this prevents them for contacting the customers over mobile phone without prior consent from them.